Cyprien Arlaud

Cyprien Arlaud

"Haute couture" trade

It was in 2012 that Cyprien Arlaud decided to launch his trading activity in addition to his work on the estate's plots. It is his "passion for Burgundy climates, exceptional in their diversity" that led him to develop new wines, he likes to explain.

"In order to perfectly control their quality, I cultivate the vines for the majority of these appellations. Then, the harvest, the vinification and the aging are carried out with the same requirements as at the estate", he specifies.

Indeed, for the majority of wines, the estate team carries out all the tasks in the vineyard, from pruning to harvesting. As with the estate's cuvées, the principles of biodynamics are applied. The different plots are in the process of organic certification. Then, it is with the same rigor that Cyprien and his team carry out the vinification and maturing. These are made in oak barrels for 14 to 18 months. Air racking is practiced during aging and the percentage of final new barrels does not exceed 25%. Finally, the bottling is done at the estate without fining or filtration according to the rhythms of the moon.

As you will have understood, it is therefore a haute couture business and the resulting wines really seduced us. They are delicate, intense and perfectly reflect the different terroirs from which they come. These are truly wines of great elegance that shine with their energy and precision. Once again Cyprien Arlaud does not disappoint and confirms his incredible talent.