Claire Naudin

Claire Naudin

The queen of Hautes Côtes flowers

Claire is no longer a household name, as her wines are now world-renowned. And yet, with hindsight, we can only salute the progress made by the woman who, before anyone else, believed in these forgotten or at least poorly-regarded terroirs of the Hautes Côtes de Beaune and Nuits;

By dint of hard work, she has raised her now famous "cuvées fleurs" to the top of their respective appellations. Once again, in this 2021 vintage, her Pinots Noirs are harmonious, full of finesse and delicacy. She has also chosen to wait as long as possible before offering the wines, and this choice is a credit to her. Claire has significantly reduced the proportion of new oak in all her cuvées. The wines have gained in tension and freshness.

Of course, contrary to popular belief, Claire Naudin's Hautes Côtes are wines that can be laid down for several years. In short, they're the perfect cuvées to enjoy now by the fireside, or to cellar and enjoy again in a few years' time.

Please note: given the popularity of Claire Naudin's wines, we've had to limit the number of vintages so that as many people as possible can enjoy them.