Chapuis & Chapuis

Chapuis & Chapuis

Back to basics

It's the story of two brothers who decide to get together and create something that makes sense;

It's the story of a return to the roots, to the family land of Côte de Beaune. Well, especially for Romain, who spent quite a bit of time on the move from Lebanon to Australia, before returning to France. This story began in 2009, when Jean-Guillaume and Romain Chapuis, former kids from Aloxe-Corton, decided to set up their trading house in the heart of Burgundy, in Pommard, not far from where they grew up and where their roots are. 

They select beautiful grapes, often with organic labels, and work in the simplest way possible: vinification without sulfur, indigenous yeasts, very little intervention, no filtration and a lot of patience. We let the grapes express themselves and the terroir infuse.

At Mes Bourgognes, we've been following their adventures from the very beginning. In 2009, we presented their very first wine, a lovely Bourgogne Chardonnay. After that, we lost touch a little, but kept a close eye on each of their vintages. We've come to appreciate their steady progress, year after year. Until this 2022 vintage, which convinced us once and for all that the two brothers had really found their style, their identity. 

Both the whites (Bouzeron, Rully) and the reds (Hautes-Cotes de Beaune, Cotes de Nuits, Aloxe-Corton...) seduced us with their energy, purity and brilliance. These are wines that ring true, reflecting the quest for authenticity of these two brothers, together, at home, where they belong.