Clair Obscur

Clair Obscur

Luminous wines

Created in 2006 by Pierre Clair, Domaine Clair Obscur is a family business. Indeed, in the Clair family we have been making wine for more than 60 years, but the 40 ares they own on the Côte de Beaune have until now been rented.

Pierre decided to take them back in hand, in the best possible way (organic and biodynamic), he added 0.5 hectares of Maranges village to the original production and then he grew little by little to arrive today at a comfortable domain of 3.5 hectares.

Pierre and Jennifer Clair's production philosophy is based on two major convictions: Respect for nature through biological and biodynamic interventions in the vines and respect for wine through the absence of oenological products except very low dose of sulphite at bottling when necessary (0.5 g/piece).

"By giving free rein to life processes in our wines, we want to reconnect with the notions of food quality, conviviality and pleasure, fundamental notions which nowadays, in our modern society, tend to disappear", explains Pierre.

The result is wines with magnificent fruitiness, great aromatic purity, pleasure and conviviality. This year, Pierre has created new cuvées to extend his range. We applaud this initiative with both hands as the little novelties have enchanted us and in particular this very intriguing Incocognito...