Comtes Lafon

Comtes Lafon

Exceptional Meursaults

The treasures of the Côte de Beaune arrived at Mes Bourgognes Beaune this week. We are proud to present the latest vintage from one of Meursault's most emblematic winegrowers: Dominique Lafon.

Dominique Lafon took over from his father at the family estate in 1984. He is a winemaker of principles, fundamentally attached to the land, to the quality and respect of the soil, but also to the traditions inherited from his ancestors. He wanted to take the organic turn very early, quickly giving up weedkillers and choosing to reconnect with soil work essential to the expression of the terroirs. Dominique Lafon is even one of the precursors of biodynamics in Burgundy since he chose to do his first trials in 1995 before switching all of his 16 hectares to biodynamics in 1998. And obviously, the result is there.

Dominique Lafon is also recognized for perpetuating the Burgundian tradition in winemaking, but in a very refined style where the objective is always to make the terroirs speak and this vine that they have pampered for months with his team. For this, no forced extraction or bodybuilding aging, Dominique favors aging on lees and plays wonderfully on reduction in order to produce straight, stretched and precise wines.

At the level of the farms, it is with the same rigor and this experience acquired over the years that he works to give power, intensity, depth to his wines and in particular his splendid premier crus. The Meursaults of Dominique express their terroirs with moving accuracy.


Given the demand on this domain, we had to set up a quota rule:

2 bottles maximum of white and 4 bottles maximum of red per customer

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