Maison En Belles Lies

Maison En Belles Lies

Pierre Fenals makes terroirs sing

It's no longer a secret. Pierre Fenals and his little Maison en Belle Lies, which has been in Saint-Aubin for a decade, are one of our favorites every year. Pierre is discretion and mastery. It's knowledge and modesty. At over 70 years of age, this confirmed neo-winemaker continues to surprise us year after year.

Years come and go, but they don't always resemble each other. After a warm and rather generous 2020 vintage, 2021 proved much cooler and, above all, much less prolific. As a result, the winegrowers all ran out of grapes. To everyone's great misfortune. But the good news is that the survivors have become some very fine wines, full of energy, delicacy and elegance.

Pierre Fenals and his Petite Maison en Belle Lies were no exception to the rule. Once again, it's love at first sight. But with Pierre, this has almost become a habit.

A few months ago, we already presented some of the cuvées from this exciting vintage. However, Pierre had preferred to continue ageing on the great terroirs, in particular the two great Corton crus: Corton Charlemagne and the very rare red Corton En Charlemagne. But here they are at last! In other good news, we've been able to pick up a few more bottles from the sold-out cuvées (Monthélie, Aloxe...).

As always, thanks to his science, expertise and feeling, this exemplary winemaker has been able to care for his vines and get the best out of them. The whites are deep, precise and lively. They already taste wonderful, but the future belongs to them. The reds are fresh, elegant but not lacking in density. Still vinified without sulfur, still lively and crisp, these Pinots and Chardonays are examples of mastery at every level.