Maison En Belles Lies

Maison En Belles Lies


We are all undergoing this very special period of confinement today. The health crisis is terrible, but we hope to get out of this situation as soon as possible. We speak every day with our winemakers who tell us about their concern about the economic recovery on the eve of the release of their new vintage.

I have thought about our ability to help the wine industry which is dear to us, that of rigorous artisan winegrowers in their efforts and who offer us year after year wines that enchant us. These are the most fragile.

So I decided to offer you wines from certain domains for the first time at the expense of our usual commercial margin and without any economic impact for our winemakers.

I therefore suggest:

Buy now the wines from the estate offered, which you pay immediately with a nice 10% discount.
From May 15, 2020, you can collect your orders directly at the store where we will ship.
Thanks to your early settlement, we will settle the areas directly without any delay in payment, a real breath of fresh air essential for the good continuity of their operations.

Today, we are offering you within this framework of early purchase the wines of Pierre Fenals, Maison en Belles Lies.


For his tenth vintage, Pierre presents spectacular wines over a solar year comparable to his first vintage 2009. Adept at perfect phenolic ripeness, the harvest began at the estate in late August and until September 23, well after some who harvest very early at the expense of the quality of the grapes.

The result is final. The reds are ample, deep with a texture and silky that fill the mouth. Eight appellations are presented to you. From the Hautes Côtes de Beaune, gourmet and accessible in full youth, to the rare and grandiose Corton Lieu-dit Charlemagne. Each wine fully expresses its terroir. They are large reds suitable for good aging.

What can we say about the whites except that they made us travel back in time during our tasting. Again, the material is impressive, rich, opulent, but not heavy. These are old-style Burgundy whites that will last over time, on wealth, and which remind us of major years like 1983, 1986 or 1992. It is thanks to whites of this style that our beautiful region has builds its reputation.