Renaud Boyer

Renaud Boyer

A discreet winegrower based in Meursault, Renaud Boyer claims to be a natural winegrower and sulfur-free winegrower. He cultivates 3 hectares of vines on the Côte de Beaune, in the Burgundy appellations of Beaune, Saint-Romain and Pulligny-Montrachet.

When Renaud Boyer called us at the beginning of the week to tell us that he'd just placed his bets on the 2022s and could deliver right away, our taste buds went into overdrive, as eagerly and automatically as Bailak's (one of Pavlov's dogs) as his food approached. The next day, the precious boxes had left Meursault to join our shelves in the center of Beaune. Can you feel the effect on your taste buds?

Renaud Boyer is now one of Burgundy's leading winemakers. And while he can't lay claim to the major terroirs that make the wine world fantasize, he has a unique talent for magnifying his beautiful plots in Saint-Romain, Beaune or Puligny. He doesn't make a fuss or seek notoriety, but the path he has chosen is in the image of his cuvées, true and uncompromising!

We are therefore delighted to have received his new 2022 vintage this week. He's one of the first in Burgundy to offer his bottles, and once again, the wines simply blew us away. New this year, Renaud decided to split his Saint-Romain Chardonnay parcel in two. He has isolated the very old vines to make a specific cuvée, which he has named "Cerisier". 

Please note, even though Renaud Boyer told us that all the wines are tasting very well right now, we would remind you that the bets are very, very recent. We therefore advise you to keep the wines for a few days/weeks before proceeding with the first tastings.

Finally, as you're used to by now, faced with ever-increasing demand for this estate, we've once again been forced to limit all quantities. It is not possible to buy more than 6 bottles from the estate. As always, thank you for respecting this rule for the good of all.