Maison Valette

Maison Valette

MAISON VALETTE, The art of patience

Philippe and Cécile Valette are emblematic figures in the Mâconnais region. While their neighbors opted for higher yields and mechanization, the couple decided in the early 90s to convert their 15 hectares to organic farming;

While some seek to harvest earlier and earlier to obtain more juice, others focus on grape quality and optimum ripeness. Here, tradition endures, and Chardonnay takes on the air of a pure diamond. Philippe represents the third generation of Valettes to operate here, and it was he who introduced the principles of biodynamic viticulture in 1992. " If you respect the soil and the climate, the plant should be able to take care of itself " he likes to point out.

While the vast majority of winemakers in the area opt for short tank maturation to shorten time and costs, these off-the-beaten-path winemakers continue to age their wines in barrels for a minimum of two years. The Valettes don't do anything like everyone else, and that's what makes their wines so unique. Pure, deep, complex, precise, taut and impressively long, adjectives fail to define them. All we know is that thanks to Philippe and Cécile Valette, Mâconnais can proudly claim a place among Burgundy's elite.

Their Pouilly-Fuissé and Viré-Clessé are monuments to the glory of Chardonnay. They offer unfathomable depth and fireworks for the taste buds. And what about the two clos... the mythical Clos Reyssié and Clos de Monsieur Noly, which only come out of the cellars after very long years in the cellar, are simply immense. For the record, Noly has already knocked out a few Côte de Beaune grands crus in blind tastings.... The complexity and length of this wine are an example to follow for those seeking to best express the essence of great Chardonnays.

The new Domaine Valette vintage has arrived! Well, the latest vintage, or rather a mix of the latest vintages. Because Philippe Valette, known as an authentic Chardonnay magician, decided it would be interesting to blend certain vintages: 2019, 2020 and 2021, or 2018, 2019 and 2021. It depends on each barrel, the wine's state of advancement, its potential at a given moment and the magic of the combinations. The result is impressive in its balance and precision.

We are currently offering : Mâcon Village 20/21/22/23. And yes, we can really talk about a Solera here, since 4 vintages make up this fine cuvée with its unique quality/price/pleasure ratio; the Mâcon-Chaintré Vieilles Vignes is presented with vintages 18/19/21. Once again, an inimitable sure value.

Last but not least, a great bottle not to be missed: Pouilly-Fuissé Tradition 19/20/21. This is the Valette's terroir of choice and their signature cuvée. When you open this wine and take the first sip, you understand everything: the terroir, their approach, patience, the importance of time, which brings so much, especially to living wines. It jumps out at you. It slams in the mouth. A marvel.