Jeremy Recchione

Jeremy Recchione

Jérémy Recchione: Micro Estate but great emotions

It is always with a certain excitement that we present a new domain, especially when the latter has particularly seduced us. Jérémy Recchione has been in love with wine for 10 years now.

In 2010, Jérémy Recchione began working in Burgundy, notably at the Pierre Naigeon estate, where he discovered with wonder the richness and subtlety of the Burgundy climates. He then left for Australia for a few months to explore other horizons and returned to the Côte de Nuits in 2013 where he decided, in parallel with his activity as an employee, to vinify his first grapes bought from winegrower friends. "It is above all a work of passion, that of cultivating and vinifying a natural raw material in order to magnify it to offer a high quality finished product", he explains with this communicative passion.

For 6 years, Jérémy Recchione patiently learned the trade, experimented, listened and refined his technique. And then, in 2019, it's the big leap. He acquired a plot of Burgundy Aligoté “Les Cerisiers” located in the town of Messanges (Hautes Côtes de Nuits) and finally created his estate with a very clear line of conduct.

“The estate’s philosophy is above all to respect nature and what it leaves us with. We work the vines as healthily as possible. The wines are then vinified in a natural way. We sort in the vineyard and harvest in small 5 kilo boxes, which allows us to protect the grapes as much as possible and not to alter them. We only use natural yeasts for the fermentations. We are not adding anything. The use of sulfur is nil or reduced to its maximum. Through our wines, we simply want to bring pleasure and convey an emotion. »

We have been following Jérémy Recchione's wines closely for several years. Already last year, we were particularly seduced by his sulfur-free natural sparkling wines made from the 2017 vintage. But when Jeremy informed us that he had vinified his two beautiful Pinot Noir cuvées, his Fixin and his Gevrey, completely without sulfur Chambertin, we went to taste without waiting. Unsurprisingly, we were amazed by the precision of these vibrant juices, with impressive purity and precision.

It was time for us to introduce you to these little nuggets: a pet'nat' from Gamay (300 bottles produced), a magnificent Aligoté in maceration, two lovely Chardonnays (Bourgogne and Saint Romain), two superb Pinot Noirs from Côtes de Nuits: Gevrey Chambertin "Creux Brouillard" and Fixin 1er cru "Les Hervelets", two wines produced in only 556 bottles. Fixin is truly a great wine, of rare precision and intensity, ones that leave a lasting mark on you. Jérémy Recchione currently only produces 2,500 bottles, but there is no doubt that he is already part of the future generation of great Burgundy winemakers.